Mr. Henry's

One of my favorite passions in photography is photographing musicians. I m in awe of the depth of talent the DC area has when it comes to musicians... specifically jazz musicians.

On Wednesday evenings from 8-11, I can usually be found at the Capitol Hill Jazz Jam which takes place at Mr. Henry's located at 601 Pennsylvania, SE, Washington DC. For three hours, musicians from the area get together and... well, the name implies... jam. Today we feature the founder of the Jam, Herbert Scott.

In February of 2015 Herbert organized the jam, which is currently the only event of it's type in southeast DC. During that time the Jam has served as a venue for the DC Jazz Festival as well as collecting and delivering educational supplies to one of the neighboring schools.

If you are free on a Wednesday night, try to get down to Mr. Henry's and check out a little slice of the DC jazz scene.