It's been too long...

Have you ever traveled somewhere daily only to suddenly stop and then revisited again after a long absence?

This was my experience this past Friday when I was returning home from listening to some live music at a venue just north of Dupont Circle. I decided to walk down to the Farragut North metro station and catch the train home. I figured it would bring back a bit of nostalgia since I worked on K Street in the early to mid 2000's.

It was not at all what I remembered! The platform was dark and the walls of the tunnel appeared to suffer from years of water damage. Not at all what I remembered from my frequent travels through this station. I really don't know why I was so surprised.  Whenever I travel to my hometown of St. Louis, MO, new buildings exist where they hadn't before, and places I to which I ventured as a youth are long gone.

As I often do while I wait for the train (I had 10 minutes to kill) I decided I'd get a long exposure image of the train as it entered the station. I must admit that I do like this type of photography because no two shots are ever the same.